The electronic resources below are designed for the current Edexcel specification (first examinations in 2014).  Individual packs start at £19.99 and there are also special offers available such as the complete course pack, priced at only £199.99, which includes two student workbooks, starter activities, recap tests, key words definitions and two homework booklets. Those resources marked * also come with a free teacher answer book.

Purchases can be made below via PayPal or alternatively place an order by e-mail using your institution's e-mail address to


Student workbooks:

Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business * (sample)

Unit 3: Building a Business * (sample) 

Unit 1 Student Workbook (Edex)

£ 69.99 


Unit 3 Student Workbook (Edex)

£ 69.99 


All Student Workbooks (Edex)

£ 119.99 


Edexcel Complete Pack (All listed resources)

£ 199.99 



Supplementary resources:

- Pack of 50 starter activities * (sample)

- Series of individual topic re-cap tests (sample)

- Full set of 40 (2 booklets) homework tasks (sample)

- Full list of all key words and definitions (sample) 

Starter Activities (Edex)

£ 29.99 


Re-cap Tests (Edex)

£ 29.99 


2 Homework Booklets (Edex)

£ 39.99 


Key Words and Definitions (Edex)

£ 19.99