Applying for a job is becoming increasingly competitive and potential employers may only shortlist a handful of applicants from hundreds of applications.

It is therefore important that your cover letter and curriculum vitae are well laid out and professionally written to give you the best chance of being noticed.

Have a look at the options below to see what package best suits your needs.

Basic proofreading service:

  • checks your CV and cover letter for spelling and grammar errors and corrects any that are present.
  • offers suggestions on areas that may need improving.
  •  the price for this service is £10 per document.

Check-up and design service:

  • reviews your documents and professionally edits them to ensure the most important information is highlighted and the layout is set up to ensure it appeals to employers.   
  •  the price for this service is £30 per document.

To start the process, e-mail us your current CV and / or covering letter, with the details of the job or industry that you are applying for and any other additional information and we will get to work on it. All edited documents will be returned to you within seven days as a Microsoft Word document so that you can continue to edit as your career progresses in the future.